'YSR Kanti Velugu' 5.40 Crore People To Be Covered

AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is a lot of importance to agriculture, education, and the health sector. In the last few months, Jagan held many review meetings with the officials of the Health Department. In these review meetings, Jagan came to know that a majority of people are suffering from malnutrition and eye-sight.

To find a solution to this problem Jagan has initiated to launch 'YSR Kanti Velugu'. The scheme will go into effective all over the state. Beginning from the school children in the first phase of the program, nearly 5.40 crore people will undergo screening tests and seventy lakh school children will be covered.

In the first phase, the preliminary eye screening will be conducted on Seventy lakh school children of all government and private schools for a week.

Children found to be having vision defects would be provided advanced treatment in phase 2 from November 1to 31, all free of cost. The program will be initiated for the next three phases in six phases.

District-level task force committees with the collectors as their chairman have been constituted for the implementation of the program. 160 District Program officers, 1415 medical officers, 42360 ASHA workers, 62,500 teachers, and 14,000 public health wing staff become an active part of the program.

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