Is Seenayya A Copy Of These Films?

It is already known that director VV Vinayak has donned the role of an actor with the film Seenayya. The movie was launched the other day in Hyderabad. It will be helmed by N. Narasimha and produced by popular producer Dil Raju. The regular shoot of the film will commence soon.

Meanwhile, it is now being heard that the film is inspired from old Telugu films Sarpayagam and Anthima Theerpu. Starring Shobhan Babu in the lead role, Sarpayagam showcases the story of a doctor who turns as a serial killer in order to avenge his daughter's death.

On the other side, Anthima Theerpu portrays the story of a journalist who fights against the anti social elements. The industry folks are opining that Seenayya will be an amalgamation of both these films. The makers are yet to respond on these allegations though.
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