Faced Defeat For The First Time: Harish Shanhar

Harish Shankar got emotional in the press meet convened to announce the change of 'Valmiti' title into 'Gaddalakonda Ganesh'. 'My Dad doesn't watch movies. Someone like him called Me to appreciate for choosing 'Valmiki' title. Assumed that naming our film after the Valmiki Maharshi will add great value. But now, We have no other option but to change the title. For the first time in my life, I faced defeat...that's what I felt with what has happened,' he said.

The Filmmaker opined creating unrest just because of a film isn't good for the society. He also confessed being pained with Boya & Valmiki Communities failing to understand the good intention with which such a title was preferred. 'In case if we don't change the title and it doesn't release in those two districts, Neither the Producers nor the Hero, or Myself won't lose anything. Why because, Producers received table profits and we got our remunerations already. The Distributors and Exhibitors who invested huge sum will incur losses. So, We decided to change the title,' he declared.

On a finishing note, Harish Shankar appealed Boya and Valmiki Community People to watch 'Gaddalakonda Ganesh'. He added, 'It gives me immense happiness if you feel 'Valmiki' is the apt title'.

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