Sye Raa Tickets Gonna Cost A Bomb

Screen Count of 'Sye Raa' is going to be a new record in the career of Chiranjeevi. This Period Drama got a wide release not only down South but also in the North India. In Overseas, Huge number of shows have been planned during the first weekend. With the launch of Trailer on Wednesday, The hype around this prestigious project will reach the next level.

In Telugu States, Each Ticket of 'Sye Raa' could be sold for not less than Rs 200 just alike it happened in the case of 'Saaho'. How the State Governments would react on the high ticket pricing? There were complaints on the Theatre Owners about how they has been encouraging black marketing of tickets for speedy recovery of investment.

In North America, Huge number of premieres are planned. Each Ticket is priced at Rs 28 for adults and Rs 18 for kids in the IMAX Screens. In normal screens, Ticket Pricing is Rs 25 for adults and Rs 15 for kids. On Tuesday, One Plus One Offer will be available. In USA, Most of the screens were allotted for Telugu, Hindi and Tamil Versions.

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