Not A Rebel, Thanks To JSP, Cong & TRS!: Vijay

Vijay Deverakonda is one of the Celebrities who actively participated in the #SaveNallamala Campaign. 'Uranium Mining ruins not only the nature but also polluted the water bodies. Eventually, It affects everyone in that particular region. We don't have to lose Nallamala Forest for Uranium. Several Countries have been selling Uranium. Government can buy it from them instead of destroying our forests,' he said.

The 'Arjun Reddy' Actor opined it's not right to assume that India will become powerful if it have Uranium. He says, 'How much electricity we are able to generate using it? What it contributed to the Space Research matters the most! More than those who carry out Iron Ore production, The companies which make steel with it earn more money. More than they who sell Crude Oil, The companies which extract petrol and other by-products earn more. Kazakhstan is the biggest exporter of Uranium. Is it the most powerful nation? We can import Uranium from Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mangolia'.

Vijay clarified he isn't an Uranium Mining Rebel but just opposing the process which could destroy Nallamala Forest. 'Some People are asking what's wrong if Uranium Mining was done in the forest. While sitting in their homes, People talk so many things but will they offer their house plot for the construction of a flyover. Nobody cares about the forest because they don't realize how destroying it affects us. I came to know about this issue only 10 days back but this movement has begun long back. Public began the #SaveNallamala Movement. Pawan Kalyan, Revanth Reddy and Film Celebs opposed it. Decision of the State Government to disapprove Uranium Mining made us feel happy. This isn't a political issue, but public issue. Thanks to Jana Sena Party, Telangana Congress, NGOs, TRS and all those who supported #SaveNallamala Campaign,' he told.

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