Oman Crash: Couple & Infant Dies, 3-Year-Old Critical!

An Indian Family of Four (Gousulla Khan [31], Ayesha Siddiqua [31], Two Children Haniyaa (3) and 8-Months-Old Hamza) went on trip to Salalah recently. Unfortunately, Their vehicle collided with another car while they were returning to their residence in Dubai. Gousulla Khan, Ayesha Siddiqua and Hamza died on the spot. Haniyaa who had a head injury is undergoing treatment in Nizwa Hospital in Oman.

Oman Police told a car overturned before colliding with other vehicle in between 1 am to 2 am on Friday. Three Citizens in the first vehicle and Three Expatriates in the second vehicle had died in the accident. Indian Embassy and Social Organisation Deccan Wing took initiative to bring the mortal remains of the Indian Family to their native place. The funeral was held on Sunday.

Gousulla Khan worked for a contract firm in Dubai. His Wife Ayesha Siddiqua was a homemaker. Haniyaa who is still unconscious might have to undergo a surgery. Family Members want to bring her back to India if she is in a position to travel.

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