Why Punarnavi Kissed Rahul Sipliganz?

In the 9th Week of Bigg Boss 3, Nomination Process was different from previous weeks. Each Contestant was nominated directly through a phone call. Thereafter, They were asked to convince one of the other contestants to complete a task successfully to gain immunity.

Sree Mukhi was asked to convince Baba Bhaskar to get clean shave. And the Dance Master completed the task to save the Anchor.

Varun Sandesh convinced Sree Mukhi to get Bigg Boss tattoo to obtain immunity.

To save Punarnavi, Rahul Sipligunz drank 20 Glasses of Bitter Gourd Juice. The Actress planted a kiss on the Singer's cheek for what he did to her.

Mahesh Vitta was asked to convince Himaji to sacrifice all of her belongings. Himaji agreed to do so but failed to complete the task successful. Hence, Mahesh was nominated.

For Sivajyothi, Mahesh Vitta applied red colour to his hair.

To save Himaja, Varun Sandesh remained in the cow dung until the completion of the task.

In Today's episode, Let's see what Punarnavi, Ravi Krishna will do to save the other contestants (Baba Bhaskar, Rahul Sipliganz).

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