Director Asked This Actress To Rehearse Liplock

Zareen Khan made her Bollywood entry with Salman Khan-starrer Veer in 2010. In the beginning of her career, This Actress received some indecent proposals.

Once, A Director asked her to rehearse a kissing scene with him saying she need to let go off her inhibitions. Zareen Khan, however, didn't let the Director take advantage of the situation. She objected the idea of practicing a liplock sequence straight away.

An influential person in the Industry assured Zareen Khan that he would look into projects she was receiving if she agrees to be more than just friends. Zareen, however, refused the proposal as she can't loose her self respect.

Zareen Khan has made headlines recently as she was trolled for stretch marks on her stomach. Anushka Sharma came in support of her and silenced body-shamers.
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