Nag Hosted Bigg Boss With Viral Fever?

The viral fever and dengue cases have become more prevalent in Hyderabad this season. Thousands of people are getting admitted to hospitals due to high fever and loss of platelet count. Many celebrities have also fallen sick this monsoon and one among them is King Nagarjuna.

The actor tweeted yesterday saying, "#monsoonfever Just about recovered from viral fever.. The body pains were crazy!! Way out is stopping Mosquitoes breeding!! I asked my people to clear out all stagnant water at home and at Annapurna studios… Requesting you all to do it at your place of work and home. @KTRTRS."

No one knows that Nagarjuna is suffering with a viral fever until he himself revealed it. Despite having such a high fever, he managed to host this weekend's Bigg Boss episodes with ease. No one would think that he is suffering from fever after watching those episodes. That proves his commitment to work. Kudos Nagarjuna.
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