MASS...Aa Kicke Verabba: Varun Tej

At the pre-release event, Varun Tej exuded confidence on 'Valmiki' impact post the release. First of all, He thanked 'Single Hand Ganesh' Venkatesh for gracing the audio launch to bless Gaddalakonda Ganesh.

Varun Tej: 'This is my 9th film. I have done few experimental, class films and love stories so far. For the first time, Attempted a mass film..Aa Kicke Verabba, Mamuluga Ledamma! Chiranjeevi garu used to always say why he was doing out & out mass entertainers. Finally, I had the firsthand experience of mass. Thank you so much Daddy!'.

Mega Prince offered the credit for the way 'Valmiki' has shaped up to Harish Shankar: 'Just alike all the Mega Fans, Even I waited for years to see a perfect mass entertainer from Kalyan Babai. Upon watching 'Gabbar Singh', I felt like this is the film we have been waiting for. I feel lucky to work with such a director'.
Varun Tej told Chiru and Charan couldn't attend the event due to pre-release activities of 'Sye Raa' to claim they always wish him good luck. He assured, 'Valmiki will be appreciated by everyone on September 20th. Gaddalakonda Ganesh Ante Gaddaralevala..''.

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