TTD Revenue Belongs To Seema: BJP MP

BJP MP TG Venkatesh made a sensational comments on Saturday. He placed the demand, 'Revenue earned by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) belongs to Rayalaseema as it is located in this part of the state. This income must be used for the development of Rayalaseema alone. Revenue of Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada and Temples in Simhachalam has been spent in Andhra region itself. TTD Members hail from different part of the nation but they don't focus on the development of Rayalaseema'.

TG Venkatesh feels diverting the water from Rayalaseema to other regions is unfair: 'Godavari Waters should be used for Krishna region. Similarly, Rayalaseema Water has to be used here itself. YSR gave that assurance to the people of Seema but that GO wasn't implemented so far. This leads to unrest in future. We will be able to utilize our water if Gudrevula, Siddeswaram and Alugu Projects are constructed'.

The Parliamentarian questioned whether there will be money for development works if CM spends the entire budget for implementation of manifesto promises. He opined, 'Only some sections of people get benefitted from the welfare schemes of YSR Congress. Funds given by Centre has to be used to complete the projects at the earliest. There is no question of compromise on Amaravati Free Zone, Water & Funds for Rayalaseema'.

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