Jagan's 100 Days Rule: Pawan's Report Card!

Pawan Kalyan revealed Jana Sena Party report on the 100 Days Rule of CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy at the party office in Mangalagiri on Saturday. Nine Aspects have been discussed in this 33 Pages Report. This include Sand Policy, Polavaram Project, Public Health and AP Capital Amaravati.

Jana Sena Chief opined YCP Government faced the wrath of Public withing 3-and-a-half months. 'While previous government organised Sand Mafia, YCP Government which promised to end it ruined the lives of 19.34 lakh people. These people lost their livelihood due to the sand scarcity. Not being able to bring the Sand Policy for 100 days is a failure of this government,' he said.

Powerstar told Nava Rathnalu might have been appreciated by public but administration of this government can be dubbed as Anti-People. He mentioned about lack of info about Finance Department on CM's Dashboard. 'Industries which were supposed to be set up in Prakasam has been shifting to other states. There is neither transparency nor commitment. Polavaram Project works has come to a standstill. No importance was offered to Public Health. Law & Order Situation has worsened. No proper facilities in Government Schools. Yields has fallen drastically. Damage caused by YCP's Village Volunteers is as much as that of TDP's Janmabhoomi Committees. YCP Activists threatened the MD of a Company...Who comes forward to invest if the situation is like this? Ministers failed to handle the floods of Krishna River. They made rounds at Ex-CM's Residence treating the Ministry like a Honeymoon. Ministers didn't even offer condolences when Farmers died waiting for seeds in the long queues. Government failed to prevent the spreading of Dengue and Malaria. Govt declared Rs 15,000 pension was offered to each Kidney Patient. Nobody knows how many received those pensions in these three months. Govt made a blunder by bringing Polavaram Works to a halt,' complained Pawan Kalyan.

Public wondered whether if this report was prepared by Jana Sena or Telugu Desam upon going thorough it. It's a surprise to know Pawan Kalyan who claims to be Pro-Public didn't find anything to appreciate the YCP Government. Did the new government performed so bad in the past 100 days? Can Pawan Kalyan say Jaganmohan Reddy hasn't taken a single good measure so far? 


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