Traffic Fines...Gadkari Allows States To Decide!

Minister for Road & Transport Nitin Gadkari made it clear New Motor Vehicle Act isn't introduced to raise the revenue but to prevent accidents and save lives. He explained, 'India is losing 2 percent GDP because of untimely deaths. Families get destroyed if the bread-winner dies in accidents. In our country, 5 lakh accidents were happening and 1.5 lakh people have been dying per year. 65% of the deceased are in the age group of 18 to 35'.

Nitin Gadkari ruled out any chance of roll backing the hefty traffic fines. He claimed to be keen to reduce accidental deaths by 50% in this 5 years period. 'State Governments have some powers under few clauses in the Law. It's up to them to decide how the Law has to be implemented. I don't have any problem with State Governments reduce the fines. If the State Governments dilute the new Motor Vehicle Act, They will have to be held responsible for the consequences,' he cautioned.

The Union Minister says only Traffic Violators has to fear the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act 2019. He stressed the necessity to make public respect the Law of the land and behave responsibly.

Statement of Nitin Gadkari allowing the State Governments to decide on the hefty fines comes as a relief to the public. People across the nation are hoping to see the reduction of traffic fines. Already, Gujarat Government has reduced the fines by a significant margin. Will the YCP Government in AP and TRS Government in Telangana follow such a path?
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