Stars Should Thank Saaho More Than Baahubali!

Saaho is a bigger and better example for stars to attempt Universal stories than Baahubali for Pan-India market. Why, you ask? Read on...

Baahubali is a strong story woven with seven characters that are well developed by the team. They took pain in constructing big sets and strained to get each VFX shot, right.

Saaho, as the director Sujeeth admitted, is a rework of his original film, Run Raja Run, which is a quite common mode of screenplay in Hindi Cinema. Race, Kick, Dhoom can be said as examples for such "Screenplay-based" narratives.

While the makers wanted to see that film will be as rich as Baahubali in visuals, they did not get the universal appeal right. Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada audiences did not feel any novelty.

Telugu audiences got disappointed big time but Hindi core mass belts enjoyed Prabhas screen presence and action episodes like a Salman film, that doesn't have story but fights, huge sets with costly visuals and likeable star hero.

If Telugu stars want to take a good note of how Hindi audiences are connecting with South style then, Mission Mangal, Kabir Singh and Saaho are great examples. Blend of good comedy, action set pieces and likeable actors can guarantee good returns if not at Saaho level, at least 50-60 crores Nett will be good start for many.

Directors can take notes of what films are getting bigger audience attraction on YouTube and Satellite markets, to get the movie-meal deliciously ready for Pan-Indian appeal with STARS!

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