Atchannaidu Gets Into Trouble Again!

Atchannaidu is a strong leader for TDP from Srikakulam. He served as Minister in N Chandra Babu Naidu's Cabinet and the arrogance of power still did not leave him.

TDP is in opposition now and according to new Government formed by Jagan in Andhra Pradesh all the illegal beneficiaries of social welfare schemes are removed from the status.

Some of the TDP party members who submitted fake documents are also included in the list of illegal beneficiaries and their benefits have been stopped.

This did not go down well for Atchannaidu and he stormed into Kotabommali MPP office and screamed at Incharge MPDAO, Rajeswaramma and her staff.

He did not consider that she was a woman officer and used very arrogant tone with her. He told to each and every officer that he is still the MLA of the constituency and TDP cadre should get benefits.

He did not restrain from abusing and threatening them even though he knew he can be filmed easily in this social media age.

Well, he just proved that Andhra Pradesh public took right decision by not giving them second term commented people who saw his aggression.

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