Andhra Pradesh To Get Four New Capitals?

United Andhra Pradesh grew as an economic power with the surge of IT industry around the world. Hyderabad became one of the most important metropolitan cities in India too.

But Andhra Pradesh grew with Capital city, Hyderabad as major center and this became a problem for inclusive growth which led for Telangana division from Andhra Pradesh.

The new state again under N Chandrababu Naidu, tried same capital epicenter formula to grow and Amaravathi became the capital.

Recently, the capital city flooded when Krishna River water was released from Prakasam Barrage and Minister, Botsa Satyanarayana, said that YSRCP government will look at alternative for capital city in the state.

He recently again said that he would stick to the same statements he made before. Now, T.G. Venkatesh, BJP leader and ex-TDP MP, said that the Jagan Government is discussing four capital cities plan with centre.

He said that Vijayanagaram, Kadapa, Guntur and Kakinada will be projected as capital city areas from the state in future and big BJP leaders have directly told him this.

He also commented that Jagan is not consulting with Center on Polavaram project and that will lead to his political suicide and resurgence of NCBN.

He advised Jagan to not be in the awe of KCR and be aware of the friendly hand from Telangana Chief Minister.

BJP MP and state level minister, Kishan Reddy said that they won't be interfering in state government's decision about the capital city. Well, let's wait and see, if T.G. Venkatesh, will be proven right.

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