Did Kodela And Son Plan A Heist?

Kodela Siva Prasad, ex-Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly is facing multiple allegations that he and his son, Kodela Sivaram were involved in bribing government officials and misuse of power.

One case filed by a government official, Bucchi Babu, is about disappearance of 30 laptops from Guntur Skill Development Corporation.

These Laptops were allegedly stolen by Kodela Sivaram before they arrived at the building and the case was filed on 23rd August.

The latest twist in the tale is that few people came on 21st August handing over 30 laptops to watchman of the establishment.  

He forgot to tell to the police it seems. Well, 30 Laptops are seized by police for now and the watchman is suspended. The search for the people who gave laptops back is on.

The allegations from opposition of Kodela is that they planned a heist of stealing 30 Laptops but they did not see that a case will be filed and hence, with the help of the watchman, they are playing the drama of missing Laptops. The drama seems to be as interesting as watching the trailer of Saaho, isn't it?

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