Saaho Turns Humongous and Crucial For Telugu Cinema!

Saaho after Baahubali-2 is the most eagerly awaited film Pan India and all the craze is due to one name, Prabhas.

Producers made Rs. 290 crores from theatrical rights only and the complete value of the movie rights is said to be close to Rs. 500 crores.

Baahubali-2 earned Nett 500 crores in Hindi markets alone and the film gross is reported to be higher than Rs. 1800 crores, Worldwide out of which Rs. 1300-1400 crores are earned in India only.

Now, Saaho has to earn Pan-India and Worldwide, Rs. 290 crores for just break even status.

This movie will give Telugu Cinema crucial market stabilisation after Baahubali-2 across the different markets that the big film opened.

We can sell dubbing and remake rights or even release directly with subtitles in different languages, other films if Saaho becomes a hit.

Also, it will give momentum to Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, next Telugu film of Prabhas and RRR will benefit with such a big hit from Telugu Cinema establishing strong market.

Hence, 30th August, 2019 has become a huge date after 27th April, 2017 for Telugu Cinema. We all hope that Sujeeth Sign and team have delivered big time while Prabhas seems to be confident.

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