Viral: Top Hero's Daughter Missing Her BF!

The latest Social Media post of Aamir Khan's Daughter Ira Khan makes the World realize how badly she is missing her Boyfriend Mishaal Kirpalani who is away from her currently. Posting a lovely picture in which Mishaal Kirpalani was hugging her from behind, This Star Kid wrote: 'Everything Will Be Okay'. Apart from a Heart and an Earth Emoji, She used hashtags #missyou, #existentialcrisis, #notsomdlifecrisis, #love, #relationship, #sofarsogood and #us.

It was in June 2019, Ira Khan made her relationship with Mishaal Kirpalani official. When she was taking part in Instagram's 'Ask Me A Question' feature, A Fan asked her if she is dating someone. Ira quickly posted a picture and tagged Mishaal Kirpalani.

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