Kodela Furniture Story Takes Interesting Turn!!

Kodela's furniture theft story is taking interesting twists and turns. On Thursday night, some computers were stolen from Kodela's house. These computers were brought from the AP Assembly. A case has been filed and the police are trying to nab the thieves.

In another twist, the AP police have taken action against Ganesh Babu, the chief marshal of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, has been shifted out of his duties. Ganesh Babu, who was questioned on Thursday, admitted that he had organised the shifting of the furniture, computers and other material belonging to the AP Assembly to Kodela Sivaprasad's house. He also told the officials that he had done so on the express orders of Kodela himself. He also gave it in writing. Based on his submission, the police immediately shifted him out of his duties and surrendered him to his parent department.

Sources say that there could be action against other officials who were involved in shifting the furniture. Kodela on his part admitted to taking away the furniture. He offered to either surrender them to the AP Assembly or pay for their cost.
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