Kishan Reddy Still To Get His Team Right

Usually the first thing that a minister does on getting the post is to appoint his personal secretaries and other staff. But Kishan Reddy, the lone minister from Telangana in Narendra Modi ministry is yet to get complete staff even after nearly three months of becoming a minister.

He is still working with less than half of the staff he actually needs. His close associates in the party are still providing him with the talking points in the absence of full staff. He is still depending on the leaders from Amberpet, the constituency he represented, for inputs from the constituency. One reason for the delay is because almost every appointment has to be approved by none other than Amit Shah himself. Though some persons have been selected and have been given a NOC by the Telangana government, the nod from Amit Shah has not come so far.  As a result, things are not moving ahead.

Moreover, Kishan Reddy himself is extremely busy these days, shuttling between Delhi and Hyderabad. In addition, he has been asked to travel to North East due to which he is still unable to focus on getting his Hyderabad office organised. Some trusted lieutenants are currently holding the fort. The earlier he completes the job, the better for him.
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