This Actress Rejected Rs 10 Crore Deal

People wonder how Shilpa Shetty continues to stay in perfect shape all the time. She is one of those very few actresses who often tries creates awareness about health and fitness. A latest news related to Shilpa has surprised many.

Recently, Shilpa Shetty turned down a Rs 10 crore deal. An Ayurvedic Brand approached the Bollywood Actress to endorse it's Slimming Pills. She, however, didn't take much time to refuse it.

When quizzed about her decision, Shilpa made it clear she can't endorse a product which she doesn't believe in. She firmly believes there is no better alternative to slimming pills than lifestyle change. 'Slimming Pills and Crash Diets can fetch instant results but eating right and workouts work much better in the long term,' she said.

Shilpa Shetty takes pride in sharing healthy cooking videos and educating public through her fitness App. 'You don’t stop brushing or eating on a holiday so why stop working out! Make Fitness a "WAY" of life. I practice what I preach,' says the Sr.Actress.
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