Is This The End Of Road For Telangana TDP?

Until 2009, TDP used to be one of the or the most powerful party in the Telangana region with solid cadre base. Two-Eyed Stand of Chandrababu Naidu during the Statehood Movement to save the party in both Seemandhra and Telangana failed miserably. While T-TDP was restricted to two MLA Seats by 2018, AP TDP declines so badly by Mid-2019 and settled for 23 Seats.

Already, Most of the T-TDP Leaders had migrated to either TRS and Congress in the past decade. Remaining Leaders fixed a muhurat to join BJP in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah at the Nampally Exhibition Grounds on Sunday.

Rajya Sabha MP Garikapati Mohan Rao, Lankala Deepak Reddy, Eega Mallesam, Palvai Rajani Kumar, Erra Sekhar, Movva Satyanarayana, Koneru Chinna, Sama Ranga Reddy, K Anjaiah Yadav, Sadineni Srinivasa Rao, P Jagannayak, Bandru Sobha Rani and Dr. Pulla Rao Yadav are going to become BJP Members Today. Few other TDP Leaders and their followers will be walking in the same direction.

Except T-TDP President L Ramana, All the prominent leaders in the 37-Year-Old Party has migrated to other parties by now. Chandrababu Naidu doesn't even have Leaders in Telangana to hold any meetings for planning future. Is This The End Of Road?
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