Is BJP Playing Mind Games With TRS?

Ever since Telangana BJP president Dr K Laxman revealed that at least 20 TRS MLAs were in touch with the BJP leadership and they could switch sides at any time, the TRS is jittery. Laxman's comments that there would be tectonic changes in state politics after the municipal polls are also making them sit up and take notice.

The ruling TRS is alarmed because it has intel inputs that several of the TRS MPs and MLAs are feeling suffocated in the party and are finding the autocratic leadership of KCR family unbearable. There has been discontent within the party over the ticket distribution during the assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Several old-time loyalists feel that they have been sidelined to make way for turncoats and defectors. This discontent was chiefly responsible for the party's defeat in Secunderabad and Malkajgiri.

Some TRS seniors feel that the BJP is playing a mind-game and that the party should stay alert. With the TRS in the government, it is difficult to lure people into the BJP, they feel.  But, some sources within the TRS admit that the BjP is already in touch with several of its MPs during the voting on Triple Talaq and Article 370. So, the TRS top leadership is keeping a watch on the moves of the BJP and of its own MPs and MLAs.

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