Hero Yesterday, Zero Today!!

A day before he was covered in glory and everyone around him congratulated him on his achievement. He was awarded the best constable award at the Independence Day celebrations. No less than minister Srinivas Goud handed over the medal for meritorious service. He was the cynosure of all eyes at the function.

But, just a day later, he stood head hung in shame, hands tainted and a bribe amount of Rs 17000 in his pocket. He was produced before the court as shocked colleagues and the people watched him in disbelief. Within 24 hours, Mahabubnagar police official Palle Tirupathi Reddy's life came a full circle. A day after receiving the best cop award from the minister at the Independence day celebrations, he was caught red - handed accepting a bribe of Rs 17000 from one Mudavath Ramesh to do an official favour.

Based on a complaint from Ramesh, the police laid a trap for Reddy and nabbed him the moment he stuffed the bribe amount in his pocket. He was taken to the ACB special court, where he was produced before the judge. What a come down from high pedestal to absolute abyss - just in a matter of one day.

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