UNSC Kashmir Meet: Only China Backed Pak!

United Nations Security Council Meeting over revocation of the Special Status to Jammu and Kashmir happened on Friday. The meeting participated by 15 UNSC Members ended without any resolution, voting and statements.

India presented the fact that scrapping Special Status to J&K was an internal matter of the country and advised Pakistan to accept the reality. Syed Akbaruddin, India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, declared India is committed to ensure J&K remains peaceful. He opined alarm raised by Pakistan after Article 370 was revoked is far away from ground reality.

Only China has openly supported Pakistan over Kashmir Issue at the UNSC Meeting. China's Envoy Zhang Jun opined status of J&K is undecided as per UN Resolutions and it's an internationally recognised dispute.

Pakistan announced it will continue to extend full diplomatic and political support to the Kashmir People.

When a Pak Jpurnalist joked 'when would India initiate peace talks?', Syed Akbaruddin shot back: 'India is ever ready for holding talks if Pakistan stops support to terrorism'.
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