Is Our Overseas Market Failing Due To Them?

Summer in USA - May to August (till date), saw many big movies releases and Toy Story 4, The Lion King, Aladdin, Spiderman Far From Home did more than USD 350 Million each, business domestically in the market.

Avengers EndGame released in April and hence, trade there don't consider It Summer film but it ran well into June at box office and collected more than USD 860 Million just in USA.

Still, Summer Box office in US is not considered entirely profitable by trade there. There is an effect due to that on Telugu films too. Our Summer films, that released in the period of March to June, did not leave an impact on US market as much as expected.

Many films struggled to cross 1 Million USD and there are several films that couldn't get a good initial. This is because of poor planning by distributors say trade people who follow US market closely.

For several films screens were booked too far away from cities and to show that the film is getting a wide release, they opened at places that don't normally watch Indian films extensively, also it seems.

So, the movies suffered due to costs, poor release planning and general wait & watch approach of audiences due to financial turbulent period in USA, due to tax increase, volatile trade market and fall in job market, it seems.

Producers from TFI found out root cause for the poor planning and costs problem. Few distributors have grown to a level of monopoly in the market and they are dictating terms for producers and distributors, exhibitors, it seems.

So, producers are not free to make their decisions on release, distributors are not free choose their release plans and all of them have to abide by the rules that those 10 have imposed on them, it seems.

Producers now have to an unified agreement to tackle them and also bring new players into the system. They are also looking into the ticket rates, admissions per film ratio and problems by US distributors due to government and local level politics to counter this monopoly and let the market grow freely.

They have identified the distributors to target and exhibitors who are concretely friends with them. The counter plan for their strategies is being laid out to see that US market don't fall off as fastly as it improved.

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