Tough Times Ahead For Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors is a special advantage for celebrities in society. When they endorse a brand, they get huge amounts as remuneration and their status goes up in society. Often times, the common men fall prey to some misleading ads and brands just because their favorite celebrity endorsed it. To put a check to this kind of behavior, the government has come up with a wise decision.

We have come to know that the Consumer Protection Bill 2019 was cleared by Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha unanimously. This Consumer Protection Bill puts the onus on celebrities to avoid making tall claims when endorsing brands. A penalty of ₹10 lakh for appearing in misleading advertisements will be levied if found guilty. At the same time, the government will also take strict action on the repeat offenders with a fine ₹50L and also a jail term of up to 5 years.

With this, celebrities will certainly be very cautious about choosing their brands. All these days, all they did was to sign a deal, take part in the advertisement and forget about it. They have absolutely no idea of how the brand is being marketed and the claims the company is making in the market to catch the attention. With this bill coming into the action, a sense of responsibility is now added to these celebrities which is a welcoming move.
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