Thalaiva... What Is Your Gameplan?

Rajinikanth's films show him as a decisive and strong leader who packs power into his dialogues. He bashes up the baddies and storms his way into success. But, when it comes to politics, the same Rajini is highly confused. He sends conflicting signals. More often, he is seen as two-timing in one go.

Sometime ago, he launched his own party, but did not contest the elections. Then very recently, he lauded the BJP for its actions in Jammu and Kashmir. He had even gone to the extent of comparing Modi and Amit Shah to Lord Krishna and Arjuna. He praised the actions of the Central Government on Kashmir. But, he stopped short of saying that he will take a political plunge. It is also not clear whether he would join the BJP or continue with his own outfit. Another big question is whether he would contest the upcoming Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

Interestingly, Rajinikanth has time and again given enough inkling that he is in favour of the BJP. In the past, he had released Advani's autobiography. The BJP leadership is constantly in touch with Rajini. But, the only doubt is whether he would join the BJP or form an alliance between his party and the BJP.

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