Is CBN Suffering From Health Issues?

TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu planning his America Tour when the Assembly Session was happening came as a surprise to many. Party Sources confirmed Opposition Leader went to the United States for undergoing treatment.  

Few Weeks after the announcement of 2019 Election results, Chandrababu Naidu got admitted to a hospital and underwent few tests. He left for America within days even before the completion of Assembly Sessions. Congress Leader KVP Ramachandra Rao expressed doubts over the health condition of TDP Chief.

In the recent TDP Meeting in Vijayawada, Chandrababu Naidu appeared with a bandage to his hand from fingers to elbow. Even TDP Leaders are curious to know what happened to their Party President but they lack the courage to question him.

Why don't TDP Leadership issue an official statement on Naidu's health condition to avoid unnecessary speculations? If this situation continues for long, It's gonna be a new headache for Babu & Chinnababu.

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