So... Bonda Uma Not Leaving TDP For Now?

Setting at rest rumours that he was leaving the TDP’s Vijayawada strong man Bonda Umamaheshwara Rao met former CM and TDP chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu on Monday. Bonda Uma has been blowing hot and blowing cold with the TDP.

quite some time and is being rumoured to have planned to leave the party. During his recent tour of Australia and New Zealand, he did not attend any programmes organised by the TDP supporters. There were also rumours that he was all set to join the BJP. But, on Monday, he categorically said that he would remain with the TDP and would never desert it.

On reaching Vijayawada, he met Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati and discussed various issues with him. At the end of the meeting, Bonda Uma clarified that there was no question of his leaving the TDP. He said he will not leave the party.

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