Real 'Dangal' Girl To Join Politics

The achievements of Wrestler Babita Phogat (29) who is a 3-time Commonwealth Gold Medalist and the determination of her Father Mahabir Phogat to see his Daughter win Gold Medal for the nation has inspired Aamir Khan to make the sports-backdrop flick 'Dangal'. Now, This Father & Daughter are foraying into politics.

Babita Phogat and Mahabir Phogat has always been supportive of NDA Government Policies. They had even backed Centre when Article 370 was scrapped and Jammu & Kashmir bifurcation. In fact, Babita Phogat defended Haryana CM ML Khattar who stirred a controversy by declaring, 'People are now saying Brides can be brought from Kashmir'. She opined the comment of CM isn't offensive at all and asked media not to misinterpret it.

Today, Babita Phogat and Mahabir Phogat will be joining BJP. At least one of them is likely to contest as BJP Candidate in upcoming Haryana Assembly Polls. BJP is hopeful that Phogats will boost the poll prospects of the party in Haryana.

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