Viral: This Hotel Charged Rs 1700 For 2 Eggs!

Some time ago, A 5-Star Hotel in Chandigarh charging Actor Rahul Bose Rs 442 for Two Bananas led to a nationwide debate. Here comes yet another development which makes public realize how the Star Hotels has been looting their Customers.

Delhi-based Documentary Photographer Kartik Dhar visited the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai recently. To his shock, The Star Hotel charged Rs 1,700 for two boiled eggs and 18 percent service tax as well. Who would have thought a single Omelette would cost Rs 850?

The Photographer tagged Rahul Bose to urge him, 'Brother, Let's Protest'.

After Rahul Bose's Post on JW Marriott in Chandigarh went viral, The Star Hotel was fined Rs 25,000 for charging the Actor too much for two bananas. What would be the end result of Documentary Photographer's complaint?

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