Never Wanted To Be VP, Can't Be PM: Venkaiah

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu admits he never wished to become Vice President but just wanted to be part of constructive work following the path shown by Bharatiya Jana Sangh leader & Social Activist Nanaji Deshmukh. He even informed PM Modi about his decision to quit the government after 2019 to focus on constructive work.

At the book launch of his 2-year term as Vice President titled 'Listening, Learning & Leading', Venkaiah Naidu said: 'I was in tears on the day PM proposed My Name for Vice President because I can't visit either the BJP Office or spend time with party workers while holding such a post. This Party has given Me everything except Prime Ministership for which I am not suitable. I know my capacities and calibre'.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah who attended the book launch told every Minister is scared of Venkaiah Naidu as the Vice President is so strict when it comes to Treasury Benches. That's a good compliment from No.2 in the NDA Government.

Recently, Rajinikanth opined Venkaiah Naidu is an excellent spiritual leader and he became a politician by mistake.

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