Will Kumaraswamy Govt Survive For Another 2 Days?

Will Kumaraswamy Government survive even Monday? If the speaker has his way, even on Monday, he could postpone voting on the confidence vote. Yes. The vote should have happened on Thursday itself. Despite two directives from Governor Vajubhai Wala, the speaker postponed the vote citing debate on the motion. The speeches went on endlessly and every possible dilatory tactic was employed. On Friday, the speaker announced that there would be voting on the motion on Monday. However, there are 20 more speakers scheduled. This means it could mean the whole of Monday. But, the speaker can chose to adjourn the house on Moday to condole the death of former CM of Delhi Sheila Dixit who died on Saturday.  The house would resume on Tuesday, when the vote would be taken after the debate is over. If possible, the speaker might even postpone the voting for Wednesday.

The government might use these two days time to wean away at least some rebels. The JDU and the Congress are doing everything they can to wean away the rebels and keep their flock together. If these two days help them to wean back a few more, it would be useful for the Kumaraswamy government.
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