Akhila Priya's Demands Leave BJP Shocked!

Former minister and Bhuma family scion Akhila Priya is showing clear signs that tell us that she is no longer interested in staying in the TDP. Though she was a minister in the TDP government, she was never at ease in the party. She came from a family with known anti-TDP traits. Mom Shobha Nagireddy was an inveterate foe of the TDP, while dad Nagireddy was a firebrand leader with known anti-TDP trait. Yet political expedience pushed Bhuma family into the TDP.

But, after her father Nagireddy's death, Akhila Priya proved to be a failure in managing the party workers. Several diehard Bhuma backers left her. Post Nandyal bypoll victory, she was emboldened and alienated yet more party

leaders. As a result, she lost the elections from her burrough of Allagadda in the latest assembly elections.

Soon after the defeat, she tried to get closer to the YSRCP, which came to power. She began making overtures so very publically. She has reportedly tried to make a backdoor entry using her proximity to YS Vijayamma. But, Jagan remained cold towards her.

She is now trying to inch closer to the BJP. But the conditions she is imposing are difficult to meet. She is said to be demanding that she be made a Rajya Sabha member. She feels that will improve her stature and help the BJP grow faster. But, that is one demand that the BJP cannot fulfil. So, even the BJP is lukewarm towards her proposals.  The BJP, which is already under cloud for encouraging defection of discredited leaders, is said to be having second thoughts about her, especially in view of her demands.
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