Hyd INOX Multiplex Booked For Too Many Ads

Leading Multiplexes in Hyderabad has been making headlines by violating norms. Earlier, Mahesh Babu-owned AMB Cinemas was fined Rs 35.66 lakh for alleged GST Fraud. And now, Another reputed Multiplex Chain is in news for all the wrong reasons.

Vijay Gopal, an anti-corruption activist, had been to INOX Multiplex in Kachiguda on June 22nd to watch a movie. Screening of Advertisement for around 20 minutes hasn't gone down well with the Activist. He rushed to the Sultan Bazaar Police Station to lodge a complaint in this regard. However, The Sultan Bazaar Police informed Kachiguda doesn't come unto their jurisdiction.

Following which, Vijay Gopal complained to the Consumer Forum against INOX Multiplex. Then, The Consumer Forum directed Cops to register the complaint given by the Activist. Finally, A case was booked on INOX Leisure Pvt Ltd.

This development is like a warning to the other Multiplexes. They need to realise Movie Buffs aren't paying to watch Ads and screening too many Ads is like wasting their time.

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