All Praise For Ram-Nabha Natesh's Chemistry

The sizzling chemistry shared by Ram Pothineni and Nabha Natesh in 'iSmart Shankar' has been generating good buzz around the movie post the release. While Ram has mastered the Telangana slang, Nabha managed to do justice to the Telangana Pori character. Together, They just rocked whether if it's the romantic scenes or songs.

Puri Jagannath made good use of both Ram and Nabha Natesh's unusual characterisations. Oneliners penned for the Lead Pair are really bold.

With 'Nannu Dochukunduvate', Nabha Natesh established herself as a bubbly actress and best-fit for traditional characters. She changed that impression of movie buffs completely with the out & out mass orientation in 'iSmart Shankar'. No other Actress showed such a drastic transformation in the second film itself.

'iSmart Shankar' collected a share of Rs 7.83 crore in Telugu States alone on Day 1. Half of the total budget has been recovered on the First Day itself.

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