Don't Create Andhra-Telangana Divide: Ram

These days, Several Filmmakers have been making the Hero or Heroine speak Telangana Slang. That's a trend which picked up post the bifurcation of United AP.

Whether the Authentic Telangana Slang in 'iSmart Shankar' appeals to the Andhrites? Ram Pothineni feels it's unfair to create such Andhra-Telangana Divide. According to him, There is no such division when it comes to Telugu People and they accept movies on merit basis.

When Telangana People had no problem watching characters speaking Andhra Slangs all these years, Why should Andhra People have anything to complain about the Telangana Slang? It's nice to see Heroes and Heroines attain perfection in the Telangana Slang.

Ram justified the loudness in presentation of 'iSmart Shankar' by saying, 'Metallica concert ki velli Melody songs expect cheyakunda...mundhuga chinna clarity...This is Metallica...Loud, like you just don't feel the feel the freakin Vibrations!'.

The Energetic Star condemned the speculations that 'iSmart Shankar' is a freemake of Korean Flick. He revealed Censor Board has certified the movie as 'A' kickass film.
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