Guna 369 Trailer Talk: Lover Boy's Revenge!

Karthikeya scored a sensational hit with 'RX100'. He, however, messed up big time with 'Hippi'. Now, All of his hopes are on 'Guna 369' which is arriving on August 2nd.

'Guna 369' is the story of a Youngster who falls in love with a Lady (Anagha) working in a Cellphone Shop. How Gagglagutta Radha (Aditya Menon) disturbed his life and how the revenge was planned forms rest of the tale.

The manner in which trailer was presented from starting with Love Story & ending with High-Voltage Action is interesting. Karthikeya steals the show as lover boy. Intensity shown by him in the action episodes is really impressive. Anagha makes her presence felt with traditional avatar. Aditya Menon and Manju Bhargavi play crucial roles.

Music by Chetan Bharadwaj is nice. Camera Work by Ram Reddy is worth mentioning. Director Arjun Jandhyala seems to have packaged the movie so well to reach the target audience. Will it be another successful film for Karthikeya?

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