Is Varun Not Doing That Boxer Film ?

According to several rumors and reports, Varun Tej is looking for new subjects and allotting dates to another project as he doesn't want to do boxer's story.

We don't know if that is true or just someone is trying to figure out what if the film is actually happening or not. The rumours have been going on for few days but people are confirming it now.

Varun's team did not respond to any off our queries and one Industry insider said that the young director, Kiran is little disappointed with the development and he is talking to Allu Bobby, who is the producer of the film.

When we asked for a reason, the insider said that Varun doesn't want to do the role which could be similar to his Valmiki role and he is looking for a different character, to keep the variety going.

Again, we did not get any confirmation from Varun's team and we hope the rumors will be clarified soon. Meanwhile, Valmiki entered last phase of shooting and the movie will hit screens in December most probably.

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