Raai Laxmi Have A Problem With Adani Electricity

Raai Laxmi is now fuming at Adani Electricity for generating a bill that's double to that of what she used to pay every month. What worried her is the fact that the electricity bill shoot up even though she was barely at home since the past few months.

After repeated attempts to contact Adani Electricity failed, Raai Laxmi took to her social media handle to vent out her anguish: 'Observing My Electricity Bill cycle since months, Its almost double than what I have been paying every month & I have barely been home past 3 months to see my bill shoot up. Wonder how many more people are suffering like Me. What a colossal waste of my hard earned money, makes Me so sad'.

People who watched the post has really wondered if Raai Laxmi is really not in a position to pay her electricity bill even if it's double to that of what she used to pay earlier. Cleverly, The Actress didn't mention how much electricity bill has been received by her in the recent months.

Of course, Adani Electricity is answerable to the error pointed out by the Actress. What if this happens to the Common Man?

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