iSmart Shankar Trailer 2: Too Bold To Handle!

First Trailer of 'iSmart Shankar' gave an impression that the film is too loud and it appeals only to the B, C Centres. Spicy Presentation of Romance & Bold Dialogues in Trailer 2 offers a feeling that it could enthrall the youth in both Urban & Rural Areas.

Ram Pothineni underwent a complete makeover. Watching him as a Telangana Youth makes people wonder if the Actor they had been seeing since Devadasu could be someone else. Those bold dialogues penned by Puri deserve a special mention.

Both Nidhhi Agerwal and Nabha Natesh has done everything possible to spice it up with their skin show. Literally, They competed with each other when it comes to romancing the Male Lead.

Compared with Trailer 1, Trailer 2 is pleasing to watch. May be, Audience got used to the tone of the movie by now. Look forward to watching 'iSmart Shankar' on July 18th!

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