What Will You Advice To Saaho Makers?

Saaho producers, UV Creations are in a dilemma if they should conduct event in Hyderabad or Mumbai for the film.

Rajamouli did a grand event in Hyderabad, another event in Chennai and a press meet in Mumbai for Baahubali films. He promoted and projected it as a Telugu-Tamil film releasing in all major languages, Pan-India.

Saaho makers want to project it as a Hindi-Telugu film and they are unable to decide on two big events in Hyderabad & Mumbai or just one major event that will announce the movie arrival.

It has a huge buzz in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil speaking areas. So, promoting with one large event will give enough coverage to the film.

But if they conduct the event in Mumbai, Telugu press will coin it as a Hindi film, which the team doesn't want. If they go for Hyderabad event, they can't have extensive Hindi media coverage.

So, they are in the dilemma and discussing if they should go for two events or one event. Let's wait and see, as they are planning to conduct the event before 8th of August, that is, one week before release.
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