Movie Review: Brochevarevarura

Cast: Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Thomas, Priyadarsi, Rahul Ramakrishna, Nivetha Pethuraj, Satyadev, Shivaji Raja, Jhansi, Ajay Ghosh, Harshavardhan, Bittiri Satti and Others.

Music: Vivek Sagar

Cinematography: Sai Sriram

Editing: Raviteja Girajala

Producer: Vijay Kumar Manyam

Presenter: Suresh Productions

Story, Screenplay & Direction:
Vivek Athreya

Release Date: June 28th, 2019

Vivek Sagar proved his mettle as a Director with 'Mental Madhilo'. He is back this time with 'Brochevarevarura'. From the launch of Teaser, Makers created an impression that it's going to be a unique film. Casting of Sri Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna raised the expectations on the movie. Whether if this Crime Comedy hit the bull's eye?


Vishal (Satyadev), an aspiring Director, gets the opportunity to narrate a story to Star Heroine Shalini (Nivetha Pethuraj). Here is the story...Mithra (Nivetha Thomas) is a trained dancer who doesn't have any personal attachment with her Father who happens to be the Principal of the College. Rahul (Sri Vishnu) is the gang leader of R3 Batch in the college. Rocky (Priyadarshi) and Rambo (Rahul Ramakrishna) are his close buddies. Love blossoms between Rahul & Mithra. Due to few situations, All the four had to be part of a kidnap plan. What consequences they faced forms rest of the tale.


Although Sri Vishnu is the hero, Other Artistes get equal scope to perform in 'Brochevarevarura'. Sri Vishnu leaves a mark of his own with boy-next-door looks and comic timing. Both Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna delivered good performances.

The whole story is based on the character of Nivetha Thomas. She did excel in the role of Lady who has serious issues with her Father. Especially, The way she performed in emotional scenes is worth praising.

Sathyadev offered a settled performance. Nivetha Pethuraj is alright. The Actor who has done the role of Heroine's Father performed well. Shivaji Raja, Jhansi, Ajay Ghosh and Harshavardhan played their roles to perfection. Bittiri Sathi was under-utilised but his role will change the course of the movie.






First Half-An-Hour

Few Scenes Could Have Been Trimmed


Music Director Vivek Sagar has done a good job, especially delivers his best with Background Score. He, however, didn't impress much with the songs. It would have been nice had if there is a catchy tune for the title song. Camera Work by Sai Sriram guaranteed rich look. Editing by Raviteja Girajala is good but slight trimming could have made it look even better. Production Values are as per the requirement of the subject.

Director Vivek Athreya narrated a crime comedy in an entertaining manner. He succeeded in presenting the Characters and Twists so well. Without focussing on the commercial elements, The Young Filmmaker delivered an engaging thriller by sticking to the story requirements.


First things first, Intelligent Screenplay is the USP of 'Brochevarevarura'. The manner in which Director Vivek Athreya maintained the suspense by offering various clues to the viewers is impressive. 'Brochevarevarura' have many sub-plots and they have been inter-connected so well.

First Half-and-Hour of the film is a bit slow-paced as too much time was taken to establish the lead actors. There is good amount of fun in the college-backdrop scenes. Kidnap Drama keeps the viewers engaged from the Pre-Interval to Climax. Maintaining the right tempo throughout has done wonders.

Few Cinematic Liberties have been taken by the Director as per his convenience. Interesting Twists & Fun Quotient overshadows such short-comings. Love Track of the Lead Pair could have been handled in a much better way.

Vivek Athreya showed his expertise at keeping the viewers engaged with unique screenplay and presenting the twists in a convincing manner. He deserves praise for effectively showcasing how the mistakes committed by R3 Batch costed few people dearly. Overall, 'Brochevarevarura' is a well made crime comedy thriller.

Bottom Line: Humour Plus Thrill!

Rating: 3/5
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