Movie Review: Kalki

Cast: Rajasekhar, Adah Sharma, Nanditha Swetha, Rahul Ramakrishna, Ashutosh Rana, Satru, Siddhu Jonnalagadda, Poojitha Ponnada, Nasser and Others.

Music: Sravan Bharadwaj

Cinematography: Dasaradhi Shivendra

Sai Teja

Screenplay: Scripts Vili

Producer: C Kalyan

Direction: Prashanth Varma

Release Date: 28th Of June 2019

Rajasekhar made a strong comeback with 'PSV Garuda Vega'. He took his time to sign a new project and finally okayed 'Kalki' which is being directed by Prashanth Varma of 'Awe' fame. Expectations kept increasing on this investigative thriller day-by-day. Has the content did justice to the hype?


Sekhar Babu (Siddu Jonnalagadda) gets murdered in Kollapur region of Telangana in the 80s. He is none other than the brother of Local MLA who was behind many attrocities happening in the region. IPS Officer Kalki (Rajasekhar) was assigned the duty of investigating this sensational case. To his shock, The Cop realizes that it's much more than just a murder. What has he done to unravel the mystery?


Rajasekhar is known for Cop roles and that is how he attained the Angry Young Man image. Watching him in 'Kalki' makes people feel that he shouldn't have done this movie. This could be either because of the way Rajasekhar looks or unnecessary elevations offered to the protagonist.

Nothing much to say about Adah Sharma. Nanditha Swetha does a fine job. Ashutosh Rana is perfect as antagonist but he goes overboard at times. Satru shines. Siddhu Jonnalagadda is okay. Nasser deserves a much better role.


Background Score
Production Values


First Half


Background Score provided by Sravan Bharadwaj is outstanding to say the least and offers goosebumps. At times, One gets the feeling that he tried to elevate the scenes with BGM though there is no such requirement. 'Horn Ok Please' Song was nicely composed but the placement and picturization aren't pleasing. Camera Work by Dasaradhi Shivendra is exceptional. He did succeed in creating 80s atmosphere. Production Values are beyond the market range of Rajasekhar. The intention of Prashanth Varma to showcase something different is appreciable. He, however, failed to narrate the subject in an arresting manner. Screenplay could have been far better. As a Director, He didn't present the subject in an effective manner.


Rajasekhar changed his style for 'PSV Garuda Vega' in which he offered a settled performance. The confidence he gained with that flick might have become over-confidence by the time he shot for 'Kalki'. If the visuals aren't taken into consideration, Background Score provided by Shravan Bharadwaj elevates the heroism to a whole new level. Watching someone like Rajasekhar, who lacked the screen presence and energy levels to match up to it, on the screen tests the patience. Angry Star appears to be a misfit for the cop role. Too much focus on Hero elevation in a thriller flick is a major flaw.

The twists n turns in 'Kalki' makes people wonder if the audience have to write them on a paper after the screening to understand the screenplay. Placement of Twists and how the Screenplay was written accordingly matters the most for a thriller. Attempt made to present the film in a back & forth manner proved costly as the viewers found it difficult to understand the story.

To keep the screenplay racy, Scenes which has to be presented carefully were narrated in a fast forward manner. None of the roles were established properly. Viewers would wonder how certain characters are related to the story.

Generally, Investigative Thrillers work when the curiosity is maintained from start to finish. 'Kalki' is partly successful in doing so as few twists are very interesting but their presentation could have been better. Although the duration is just 142 minutes, Viewers get the feeling of watching a lengthy flick due to lacklustre narration. Compared to the First Half, Second Half is far better and the last 15 minutes is going to be the highlight. Overall, 'Kalki' is no where close to the impressive promotional content.

Bottom Line:
'Unwanted' Elevation!

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