AP Official Magazine Editor Ousted?

After TDP lost the power, Several People who has been in various prominent positions because of the previous government headed by Chandrababu Naidu tendered resignations as a matter of principle. Few Individuals like Putta Sudhakar Yadav (Former TTD Chairman) refused to resign initially but finally gave up the fight understanding the unfavourable situation.

AP Official Magazine Editor Kandula Ramesh Chowdary is one such individual who refused to step down inspite of the formation of new government. He, however, was sacked by the Government for not doing his duty properly.

Actually, AP Official Magazine will be in two languages (Telugu, English). During the TDP Rule, This Magazine used to be very colourful with high-quality newsprint done at a private printer.

The June 2019 Edition of the Magazine is no way close to the previous issues. A bland Black n White has been preferred for the first issue after the formation of YCP Govt. The kind of headings (Jane Ane Athadu) and pictures (Emotional Moment with Vijayamma at Oath-Taking was presented as if Jagan was crying) preferred for the issue are insulting to say the least. In fact, The Magazine gives an impression that Jagan is an 'EVM Chief Minister' saying even public were wondering how could YCP win such huge number of seats.

Kandula Ramesh Chowdary was sacked immediately and his chamber was locked after the June Issue of AP Official Magazine came to the notice of CMO. How can Chowdary behave as if CBN is still the CM of AP?

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