Video: MLA Raja Singh Hit Himself!

Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh accused Hyderabad Police of injuring him when was trying the replace the statue of Freedom Fighter Rani Avanti Bai Lodhi at the Jummerat Bazar Y Junction in the early hours of Thursday.

However, Hyderabad City Police condemned the allegation made by the Legislator and released a video to prove that it's a self-inflicted head injury. Here is the Statement: 'At around 2 AM, Raja Singh and his Followers tried to install a 20 feet statue at Jummerat Bazar without any permission of GHMC. When we tried to stop them from breaking the law, Raja Singh hit himself with a stone on his head and falsely alleging that police has caused this injury'.

West Zone DCP clarified Cops had neither assaulted Raja Singh nor resorted to Lathi-Charge at all. He added, 'It was the MLA who abused, misbehaved and assaulted some of our men. Even the Cops suffered injuries. Case was booked against MLA and his Followers under Sections 143, 145, 152, 153-A and 153 of Indian Penal Code'.

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