Congress Dissolves PCC, But Keeps PCC Chief

The Congress Party has finally begun acting on the states where the party fared extremely poorly. The Congress dissolved the PCC unit in Karnataka, the state where the Congress shares power, but lost all but one seats in the recent Lok Sabha elections. Interestingly, though the PCC was dissolved, the PCC chief still stays. What can one make out of that? How can the PCC be wrong and the PCC chief alone be right? After all, it is the PCC chief who leads the PCC. So, it cannot be that the PCC chief is right and PCC be wrong.

There are rumblings within the Congress over the way in which the Congress-JDU coalition is running. There is deep dissatisfaction within the Congress over the way in which the JDU is blackmailing the party. They feel that the Congress workers could not be motivated to work for the party during the elections. The party high command will now reorganise the party at the state, district and mandal levels. The high command feels that a new leader should be given an opportunity to rebuild the party. This means the current PCC chief would have to go.

So, the big question is why is the PCC chief still there when the PCC is bad and why should the PCC chief be replaced, if the high command feels he should be continued? Confusing, isn't it. But, that's how the Congress runs.

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