Where Is Pawan Kalyan?

From 2014 to 2018, Pawan Kalyan faced criticism for making public appearances once in few months. It was only in the election year, He came into public with Porata Yatra and ended up facing a humiliating defeat. The Actor-turned-Politician hasn't learnt much from the shocking failure.

In Politics, There should be a continuous activity to gain the faith of the public. So far, Jana Sena Chief has done nothing much other then holding few review meetings with partymen. The situation is such that people had even stopped discussing about Powerstar in the past few weeks.

Had if Pawan Kalyan got elected as MLA, The situation would have been different. People would have been curious to know how Jana Sena Chief will be raising people's issues during the Assembly Sessions. Looks like, PK & his Fans are yet to move on.

What Pawan Kalyan does in the next four-and-a-half years will be crucial for Jana Sena survival. Can he offer some hope to Jana Sainiks?

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